Virtual Sessions

Technology keeping us Connected

Technology keeping us Connected

Online hypnotherapy sessions can be conducted in the comfort of your home. Online sessions are conducted via Skype. 

In order to make online session productive there are certain concepts that need to be considered:

  • All electronic devices should be turned off during the session (up to and including cell phones, music, loud television or radios).
  • Pets, children and other adults should not be present in the room during the session.
  • Notify household members that you will be in session and emphasize the need for privacy and quiet.
  • Find a comfortable place in your home: either a couch, recliner or bed along with pillows and blankets to ensure optimal comfort.
  • A headset or handsfree device is preferred, as well as highly recommended, to use during the session. Speakerphone is not recommended.
  • A laptop/tablet is preferred and also highly recommended to use during the session.

Once our session begins, we will work through setting up how the laptop/tablet should be positioned. We will work together to ensure that the technology won't get in the way of a productive session. Setup typically takes a few minutes at the beginning of our session and then again right before the hypnosis portion begins.