What is Hypnosis

Alternative Approach to Health

Alternative Approach to Health

Hypnosis is an altered state of consciousness.  While one is in hypnosis, the conscious mind becomes quiet, allowing access to the highly suggestible subconscious mind.  Research has shown electrical changes in the brain during hypnosis; where the brain waves become slower than when one is in the normal waking, conscious state.  Hypnosis is a state of deep relaxation with focused concentration in which relaxed brainwave states of alpha, theta and delta can be reached. 

There are varying degrees of hypnosis. Some people go deeply into a highly relaxed state, while others do not go quite as deep.  Most people are right in the middle.  One misconception is that people who are hypnotized are unconscious. This is not true. While in a hypnotic state, one maintains control and awareness of their surroundings. However, focus is on their inner being and the voice of the hypnotherapist.

Hypnosis is a tool to used to assist those who desire positive transformation in their lives. To be truly effective, the individual needs to want to take part in the process and be, at a subconscious level, a participant in the experience.

Hypnotherapy is not to be viewed as a "cure all".  While most people experience extremely positive results, some may have mildly positive results, some may have periodic setbacks or relapses and for some it may not work.  This is all normal.